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Naphthenic acid is also called as petroleum acid or naphthoic acid, which is hydroxy derivative separated from refining of petroleum product. CAS No.: 1338-24-5 and English name: Naphthenic Acid, along with molecular weight of 180-350. Naphthenic acid is divided into monocyclic naphthenes and polycyclic naphthenes, with freezing point of -30--36 degrees and relative density of 0.92-0.98. As a dark brown oily liquid, naphthenic acid becomes the transparent canary yellow or orange liquid after refining, with special odor; it hardly is insoluble in water, but insoluble in ethyl alcohol, petroleum ether, benzene or hydrocarbon. Naphthenic acid is mainly used as raw materials of naphthenates and coating desiccant; meanwhile, it is also used for anti-corrosion against wood and cable, as well as pesticides additives, detergent, lubricant additive and anti-wear agent of aviation kerosene etc.

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